Mark Heard Complete Discography

If you know of anything missing, please send email to Miles O'Neal. I have mentioned the mythical album he recorded in high school, but won't really believe it until I have details (and have preferably heard it and held it - my faith on this issue being weak... 8^)

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Date: 22 Dec 1994 17:13:22 -0500

``Yes, ladies and gentlemen, here it is, the one, the only, unofficial Mark Heard discography. I believe this is complete. If somebody knows of any other releases, bootlegs, etc., let me know. I've also included my own little summaries for each release, so take them for what they're worth (which probably isn't much). All of them were/are also available in cassette form. I didn't list that under "Format".''

Album Title			Year	Label			Format
Setting Yesterday Free		1972	(As Infinity + 3)	LP	
Mark Heard			1975	AB Records		LP	
On Turning To Dust		1978	Solid Rock		LP	
Appalachian Melody		1979	Solid Rock		LP	
Fingerprint			1980	Palmfrond		LP	
Stop the Dominoes		1981	Home Sweet Home		LP	
Victims Of the Age		1982	Home Sweet Home		LP
Eye Of the Storm                1983    Home Sweet Home/Myrrh   LP
Ashes and Light                 1984    Home Sweet Home/Myrrh   LP
Mosaics                         1985    Home Sweet Home/Myrrh   LP
Best Of - Acoustic              1985    Home Sweet Home/Myrrh   LP
Best Of - Electric              1985    Home Sweet Home/Myrrh   LP
   (aka, The Greatest Hits of Mark Heard)
Tribal Opera                    1987    What? Records           LP/CD
Dry Bones Dance                 1990    Fingerprint             CD
Second Hand                     1991    Fingerprint             CD
Satellite Sky                   1992    Fingerprint             CD
Reflections Of A Former Life    1993    Home Sweet Home		CD
High Noon                       1993    Myrrh                   CD
Orphans of God                  1996    Fingerprint             CD

Setting Yesterday Free

(with Infinity Plus Three)

1972, Spirit Records (V-1111)

Mark's real debut album. Extremely rare.

Side 1			Side 2
------			------
All My Trials		Presence Of The Lord
Life's Ocean		Second Best Friend
You			Not Alone
Morning Light		A Place Inside
Memory			Love

Names from the label provided by Tom Richards.

A full album description is available.

Mark Heard

1975, Airborn Records, LP

On Turning To Dust

1978, Solid Rock, LP (re-release of Mark Heard)

Mark's debut album. Home grown folk. Great stuff. Out of print.

Side 1				Side 2
------				------
On Turning To Dust	4:20	Solid Rock		2:25
Dinner At Grandma's	2:45	To Diane		3:07
Cabin In Gloryland	1:10	Greensleeves		 :43
A Friend		2:57	/There is a Fountain /	4:50
Abba's Lullabye		3:20	\Coming on Down the Road
				Passion Chorale		 :42
				All			3:50
Track times & some names provided by Miles O'Neal.

A full album description is available.

Appalachian Melody

1979, Solid Rock, LP

Produced by Larry Norman. Still folky, but with a bit more rock leanings. From the same era as other Norman-produced projects as Randy Stonehill's Welcome To Paradise and The Sky Is Falling and Daniel Amos' Horrendous Disc. Out of print.

Side 1				Side 2
------				------
On the Radio		3:38	Appalachian Melody		4:17
Castaway		3:26	Happy Cornbread Anniversary	1:48
Bless My Soul		4:04	Two Trusting Jesus		4:13
Here I Am (Once Again)	3:54	Jonah's Song			5:26
With the Setting Sun	1:42	Sidewalk Soliloquy		3:18
				The Last Time			3:16
				The Saints			 :22
(Track times courtesy of Glenn Clack.


1980, Palmfrond, LP

A rare import from Switzerland. Recorded during the time Mark spent with the late Francis Schaeffer at the La'Bri fellowship in Switzerland. GREAT folk (ala James Taylor) and great rock tunes as well. Out of print until recently, now available on CD!

Side 1				Side 2
------				------
I'm In Chains		3:39	Gimme Mine			3:23
Nowadays		3:25	All the Sleepless Dreamers	3:30
One More Time		3:02	Negative Charge			3:57
Epistle			2:50	Brown-Eyed Sue			3:20
Just the Same		3:19	Es Tut Mir Leid			1:55
Well-worn Pages		2:52	Remarks To Mr. McLuhan		2:05
Intro			0:25	Threefold Amen			0:23
Track times courtesy of Miles O'Neal.

CD Database entry

Stop the Dominoes

1981, Home Sweet Home, LP

Mark's first project for Home Sweet Home, a label owned by Chris Christian. Intelligent rock and folk. Out of print.

Side 1				Side 2
------				------
One Of the Dominoes	4:23	Stuck In the Middle	4:39
Stranded At the Station	3:30	Call Me the Fool	3:11
You Could Lie To Me	4:02	I'm In Chains		3:25
One Night Stand		2:52	Lonely One		4:35
I'm Crying Again	3:29	To See Your Face	3:31
*NOTE: This version of "I'm In Chains" is slightly different than the one on the Fingerprint l.p.

Track times courtesy of Miles O'Neal.

A full album description is available.

Insert text courtesy of Mark Mayhle.

Victims Of the Age

1982, Home Sweet Home, LP

Another great intelligent rock and folk album. GREAT songs, including "Heart of Hearts", with BGV's provided by a very young Leslie Phillips, who later covered the song on her debut LP in 1983. (For those who don't know, Leslie did 4 albums for the CCM industry, had a bit of a falling out with that industry - much too complex a story to go into here - married T-Bone Burnett, changed her "recording" name to Sam Phillips and has released three albums since). Out of print.

Side 1				Side 2
------				------
Victims Of the Age		Growing Up Blind
City Life Won't Let Up		Dancing At the Policeman's Ball
Faces In Cabs			Everybody Loves a Holy War
Nothing Is Bothering Me		Heart Of Hearts
Some Folks' World	

Eye Of the Storm

1983, Home Sweet Home/Myrrh, LP

A special release of some of Mark's acoustic-oriented material written over the previous few years. Great stuff. Out of print.

Side 1				Side 2
------				------
Eye Of the Storm		In the Gaze Of the Spotlight's Eye
The Pain That Plagues Creation	Gimme Mine
Castaway			These Plastic Halos
Well-worn Pages			No One But You
He Will Listen To You		Moonflower
*NOTE: These versions of "Castaway", "Well-worn Pages", and "Gimme Mine" are all different than those that appeared on previous albums.

Insert text courtesy of Mark Mayhle.

Ashes and Light

1984, Home Sweet Home/Myrrh, LP

Another outstanding collection of intelligent rock. Glenn Kaiser and Darrell Mansfield did a cover of "Threw It Away" on their second blues project. Out of print.

Side 1				Side 2
------				------
The Winds Of Time	3:56	Straw Men		3:57
True Confessions	3:30	Age Of the Broken Heart	4:13
I Know What It's Like	3:34	Can't See the Light	4:56
   To Be Loved
Washed To the Sea	3:18	Threw It Away		4:00
We Beleive So Well	3:26	In Spite Of Himself	3:05
Track times courtesy of Miles O'Neal.

Insert text courtesy of Mark Mayhle.


1985, Home Sweet Home/Myrrh, LP

A decidedly rock album (more so than any up to this point) with a great cover of T-Bone Burnett's "The Power Of Love". Out of print.

Side 1				Side 2
------				------
With Broken Wings		The Golden Age
Schizophrenia			The Power Of Love
All Is Not Lost			I Want You
Heart On the Line		It Will Not Be Like This Forever
He Plays the Game		Miracle

Best Of - Acoustic

1985, Home Sweet Home/Myrrh, LP

A good collection of some of Mark's acoustic-oriented songs, but a lame attempt by the record company to milk the record buying public unnecessarily. This was one of those contractual fulfillment obligation type things. Contained one song ("Family Name", written by Bill Batstone) previously unrealesed. Those weasels. Out of print.

Side 1					Side 2
------					------
Family Name				I'm Crying Again
Eye Of the Storm			Some Folks' World
Castaway*				Can't See the Light
In the Gaze Of the Spotlight's Eye	True Confessions
Call Me the Fool			Well-worn Pages*
To See Your Face			In Spite Of Himself
* These versions taken from the Eye Of the Storm album.

Best Of - Electric


The Greatest Hits of Mark Heard

1985, Home Sweet Home/Myrrh, LP

Same story as above, but with no new songs, so I didn't buy it. Out of print.

``Despite all the whining that people have done about this record, it's better than nothing if you don't have the albums it represents.''

Side 1				Side 2
------				------
Heart of Hearts			The Golden Age
The Winds of Time		One of the Dominoes
Stranded at the Station		Dancing at the Policeman's Ball
Threw It Away			One Night Stand
Victims of the Age		Nothing Is Bothering Me
Stuck in the Middle		Faces in Cabs

Tribal Opera

1987, What? Records, LP/CD

This project was actually released under the name Ideola rather than Mark Heard, although Mark wrote, performed, and produced the entire project. This was sort of an experimental thing for Mark, with lots of digital samples and electronic drums. Once again (and I know you're probably getting tired of hearing this, but it's true), GREAT songs, especially "How To Grow Up Big And Strong". Out of print.

Side 1				Side 2
------				------
I Am An Emotional Man		Love Is Bigger Than Life
Is It Any Wonder		How To Grow Up Big and Strong
Watching the Ship Go Down	Everybody Dances
Talk To Me			Why Can't We Just Say No
Go Ask the Dead Man		Hold Back Your Tears

Dry Bones Dance

1990, Fingerprint, CD

Yea! Mark's return after much too long an absence. This is a great CD of folk rock with a little country and cajun influences thrown in for good measure. In print.

Song List

Rise From the Ruins		3:03
The Dry Bones Dance		3:49
House Of Broken Dreams		4:13
Our Restless Hearts		3:43
Nobody's Looking		3:27
All She Wanted Was Love		4:21
Strong Hand Of Love		3:05
How Many Tears			3:01
Lonely Road			4:13
Waiting For A Reason		3:32
Everything Is Alright		4:24
Awake In the Nighttime		3:30
Mercy Of the Flame		4:59
Fire				7:14
Track times courtesy of Miles O'Neal.

CD Database entry

Second Hand

1991, Fingerprint, CD

Mark's acclaimed follow-up to Dry Bones Dance, with a slightly more acoustic feel overall. There's a cool cover of the old Beatles song, "I'm Looking Through You". The song "Look Over Your Shoulder" made it onto a Windam Hill sampler disk. In print.

Song List

Nod Over Coffee			4:37
Lonely Moon			4:54
Worry Too Much			4:13
Look Over Your Shoulder		3:29
She Don't Have A Clue		3:46
Talking In Circles		4:05
Love Is Not the Only Thing	4:58	
I Just Wanna Get Warm		3:54
Another Good Lie		5:39
All Too Soon			3:56
It's Not Your Fault		3:23
I'm Looking Through You		3:40
What Kind Of A Friend		2:42
The Way Of Men			5:09
Track times courtesy of Miles O'Neal.

CD Database entry

Satellite Sky

1992, Fingerprint, CD

Mark's final "new" release, considered by many to be his best. A great collection of rock and folk tunes. In print.

Song List

Tip Of My Tongue		4:22
Satellite Sky			3:48
Big Wheels Roll			4:02
Orphans Of God			6:22
Another Day In Limbo		4:31
Language Of Love		4:06
Freighttrain To Nowhere		4:30
Long Way Down			4:42
A Broken Man			5:42
Love Is So Blind		3:15
Hammers And Nails		4:40
We Know Too Much		5:58
Lost On Purpose			4:20
Nothing But the Wind		3:31
Treasure Of the Broken Land	6:22
Track times courtesy of Miles O'Neal.

CD Database entry

Reflections Of A Former Life

1993, Home Sweet Home, CD

A recently-released collection of some of Mark's songs from his mid-80's Home Sweet Home days, meaning that decision to release it must have come from Chris Christian, who owns the rights to most of Mark's older material. It apparently was released without any coordination or input from Janet. Some of the editing is sloppy, and it's a poor substitute for the re-release of the old albums in their entirety. Many serious Heard fans boycotted this one. But, for those who just can't wait, it is a way for newer fans to get some of Mark's older material, and it even has a couple of cuts from the Swiss import LP. True Tunes had a deal where if you ordered it from them, they would send some of the money to Janet to help her financial situation since Mark's death. They're probably still doing it, so if you buy it, order it from them. In print.

Song List

Stranded At the Station
Dancing At the Policeman's Ball
Threw It Away
Heart Of Hearts
The Winds Of Time
Stuck In the Middle
Eye Of the Storm
Family Name
One Of the Dominoes
Nothing Is Bothering Me
Carry On*
Brown-Eyed Sue
* Actually, "All the Sleepless Dreamers".

High Noon

1993, Myrrh, CD

A collection of songs from Mark's last three CD's. Originally scheduled to be released on the True North label, this is really a nice collection that also includes Mark's contribution to Steve Hindalong and Derri Daugherty's (of The Choir) At The Foot Of the Cross project, "My Redeemer Lives", as well as 4 previously unreleased songs. In print.

Song List

Strong Hand Of Love
I Just Wanna Get Warm
Look Over Your Shoulder
My Redeemer Lives
Another Day In Limbo
She's Not Afraid*
The Dry Bones Dance
House Of Broken Dreams
Everything Is Alright
Hammers And Nails
Love Is So Blind
Nod Over Coffee
Love Is Not the Only Thing
Shaky Situation*
Orphans Of God
What Kind Of A Friend*
Treasure Of the Broken Land
* Previously unreleased, except for "What Kind Of A Friend", which is a different version.

Orphans of God

1996, Fingerprint, CD

A 2 disc tribute album with various artists covering Mark's songs. A Fingerprint release (the good guys!). In print.

Song List

Disc One
Orphans of God              : Buddy and Julie Miller       4:21
We Know Too Much            : Michael Been                 5:04
Freight Train to Nowhere    : The Vigilantes of Love       3:54
It's Not Your Fault         : Ashley Cleveland             4:00
I Just Wanna Get Warm       : Dan Russell                  3:40
Satellite Sky               : Kate Taylor                  4:35
Mercy of the Flame          : Pat Terry                    5:17
Rise from the Ruins         : Brooks Williams              4:32
Strong Hand of Love         : Bruce Cockburn               3:11
What Kind of Friend         : Victoria Williams            5:25
House of Broken Dreams      : The Williams Brothers        3:27
Tip of My Tongue            : Tom Prasada-Rao              6:50
Everything is Alright       : Phil Keaggy                  5:00
Big and Strong              : Olivia Newton-John           4:32
All She Wanted Was Love     : Big Faith                    3:42
Another Good Lie            : hezze                        5:06
Treasure of the Broken Land : Chagall Guevara              6:04
Disc Two
Lonely Moon                 : Kevin Smith                  5:12
Worry Too Much              : Harrod and Funck             5:03
Fire                        : bob                          4:44
Big Wheels Roll             : John Austin                  5:51
Rise from the Ruins         : Parmin Sisters               5:00
Watching the Ships Go Down  : Iain                         5:56
Another Day in Limbo        : Tonio K.                     3:50
Love is so Blind            : Carolyn Arends               3:41
Nod Over Coffee             : Pierce Pettis                4:24
Remarks To Mr. McLuhan      : Ramona Silver                1:46
Long Way Down               : Swinging Steaks              4:20
Look Over Your Shoulder     : Randy Stonehill & Kate Miner 4:06
Threw It Away               : Glen Kaiser                  4:57
Dry Bones Dance             : Colin Linden                 4:16
Tip Of My Tongue            : The Choir                    4:41
Strong Hand of Love         : da                           3:39
Hammer and Nails            : Marvin Etzioni               7:09
(Tracks & times courtesy of Tom Moellering.

Tom also reviewed this album.

There's also the SHOL video, which has been discussed to death on the Humans list, so I won't go into all of that again. Bad editing, but worthwhile for a couple of gems on it.
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