Mark Heard - Parody and Satire

Mark was a friend, an inspiration, an incredible poet and musician who never stopped thinking, questioning, loving and expressing it all. He was a martyr.

Wait a minute. He wasn't a martyr! OK, so that's debatable. Maybe he died of a broken heart, a victim of the age, or of the CCM Machine. I don't know. I just miss him.

But at least we have his music. Well, some of us do. A lot more of us could, if certain people (not to mention their names, but Chris Christian and Larry Norman, and/or their record companies immediately spring to mind) would re-release it, or allow someone else to.

Meanwhile, I'm sure that Mark wouldn't mind me playing around with his lyrics and life. I never heard him say it quite like this, but I know that he would have agreed with Pogo that you could take life way too seriously, and that this would be pretty stupid...

Dust & Bones : The Real Story (a look at Mark's personal life)
If I Had a Pocket Lawnchair (The OOGling Anthem)
Victims of Our Age (parody of ``Victims of The Age'')

Last updated: 07 September 1999

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