Stop the Dominoes

(Mark Heard)

Title: Stop the Dominoes
Label: Home Sweet Home Records

Everything here is reproduced verbatim from either the record label (songs, etc), or the cover.


Side One (image of domino with one dot/space)
One Of the Dominoes 4:23
Stranded At the Station 3:30
You Could Lie To Me 4:02
One Night Stand 2:52
I'm Crying Again 3:29

Side Two (image of domino with one dot/one dot)
Stuck In the Middle 4:39
Call Me the Fool 3:11
I'm In Chains 3:25
Lonely One 4:35
To See Your Face 3:31

All songs copyright Bug and Bear Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

Sleeve Info

[lyrics side]

Written, Produced and Arranged by Mark Heard
Mark Heard Electric guitars, Electric lead and slide guitars, Keyboards
Keith Edwards Drums
John Patitucci Bass
Tom Howard Keyboards
Tony Eisenbarger Electric Guitar
Alex MacDougall Percussion

Background Vocals:
Mark Heard
Larry Norman
Randy Stonehill
Leslie Phillips
Little Bobby Emmons
Dave de Coup Crank

Sonny Garrish Pedal Steel
Buddy Spicher Fiddle
Karl Denson Saxophone

[other side]

[upper 2/3 of sleeve is B/W low-lit photo of Mark in studio with headphones, maple Fender Strat (finger-picking, Dm barre cord on 5th fret?), Shure studio mic on boom]

[Center text (centered)]

Primary Engineer:
Jonathan David Brown
Additional Engineer:
Mark Heard, Janet Sue Heard
Recorded February-March, 1981 at Poiema Studio,
Camarillo, California and at the Gold Mine, L.A.
Mixed by Mark Heard
Photographs by Janet Sue Heard
Graphics Director: Dave de Coup Crank

[much smaller font]

Special thanks to Jonathan, Tammy and Nathan for tacos and locos, to Larry and Randy for awesome rockolla, to Bill and Marsha for homestead and avocado
fans, to Chris and Shanon for talking Southern, to Leo Fender for Stratification, to David and Christy for Monday nights, to Dave for A and B bath, stop and

Love to the circle of cynics, to Jean-Daniel and Hansruedi in Zurich, to Freddie in London, to John and Priscilla and the Huemoz folks, to Mita Perefit and
Sandra, to the Russell Hall Stairwell Dreamers, and to my folks.
Additional thanks to Bill Deaton

[text on left (centered)]

Concert representation:

Street Level Artists Agency
32 South Raymond Street
Suite #8
Pasadena, California 91105
(213) 796-2027
Street Level East
545 High Street
Walpole, Massachusetts 02081
(617) 668-5639

[text on right (centered)]


Mark Heard
Fingerprint Communications
P. O. Box 834
Montrose, California 91020, U.S.A.
[image of a 3 dot/4 dot domino]



[4 pages, 1 sheet twice size of album sleeve, folded in half]

Font Cover (Page 1)

B/W photo of Mark in concert, spotlight just big enough for him and floor monitor. Flannel shirt, partially unbuttoned, with white tee, faded jeans (blue, I'm sure). Leaning slightly back and to his right, playing acoustic guitar (Martin, I think), singing into mic on floor stand. Mark has an intense expression, as he did when really into the music.

Inside (Pages2 and 3)

A series of questions and answers covering Mark's philosophy on art, Christian music, etc, and a series of reduced photographs showing Mark in the studio in front of a large mixing console (once with Larry Norman) and Mark in various places around Europe (mostly Switzerland and England, most likely).

Back Cover (Page 4)

White letters on black background, free form poem with observations from some time in one of Europe's underground subways. [I will type this in later, unless someone beats me to it.]

Cover Art

Front cover

Excellent B/W photo of Mark's face, with beginnings of a beard & moustache, thick, curly, dark hair (past shoulders in back), tweed (?) jacket over dark tee. Red letters with his name near top of photo, red shadowed letters with album name near lower right of photo. Dominoes frame the whole thing, with a 3/16" line-width square superimposed over the photo, about 1/4" in from the dominoes. A small Home Sweet Home logo appears in the lower left corner, inside the frames.

Back cover

Mark squatting in front of a [no parking?] sign between two sets of old, wooden, arched doors, on a cobblestone street or sidewalk. Tee and jeans, as usual. A row of dominoes in the act of falling runs across the bottom.

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