Mark Heard's Almost Unknown 1st Album

Title: Mark Heard
(a.k.a. On Turning to Dust)
Label: Airborn Records

Everything here is reproduced verbatim from either the record label (songs, etc), or the cover.


Side One
On Turning to Dust 4:20 *
Dinner at Grandma's 2:45 **
Cabin in Gloryland 1:10
A Friend 2:57 *
Abba's Lullabye 3:20 *

Side One
Solid Rock 2:25 *
To Diane 3:07 *
Greensleeves :43
There is a Fountain /
Coming Down the Road 4:50 *
Passion Chorale :42
All 3:50 *

* Copyright 1975 Mark Heard
** Copyright 1975 Mark Heard, Pat Terry,
                  Wayne King, Jeff Vansant
Airborn records - P.O. Box 2211 - Macon, GA. 31204

Who Done What

Mark Heard: Guitars, vocals, piano, synthesizer and hambone

Earl Grigsby: bass

Frank Godby: banjo

Percussion: everybody in general

Strings arranged by Dave Aldrich and performed by the Lamay String Quartet

Engineer: Cecil Jones

Artwork, photography and cover design: Jef Van Sant

Recorded June 1975 at Lemco Studios, Lexington, Kentucky

I wish to thank Billy Wren, Ron Moore, Pat Terry, Jeff Van Sant, Allen Akin and my folks for the work, help and encouragement they have provided.

This album is a collection of attitudes concerned with life in the framework of Biblical Christianity

Cover Art

Front cover

Hand drawn picture of a framed butterfly

Back cover

Photo from a few feet away and a few feet above of Mark, wearing a long-sleeved, flannel, plaid shirt and (probably) cord trousers and boots, looking up and holding his Martin by the neck. Monochrome.

Caveat Emptor 8^)

This album scores a 1 on the Christianity Index.
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