Infinity + 3

Here was the firt hint by Martin Stillion <> that something was missing...

``There is a legendary, mega-rare album by a band that Mark supposedly formed while he was still in high school. The band was called Infinity Plus 3, and the album title is "Setting Yesterday Free." It was relased circa 1972, and only a few hundred copies were made.''

It was released while Mark was in college, and may have actually been produced then as well. -Miles

For a long time, this was as much information as anyone could (or would [implications of sinister, international plot]) give me. But at last we have the low down, courtesy of Tom Richards <> .

Infinity Plus Three - "Setting Yesterday Free"
Spirit Records (V-1111)

Song listing (from the labels):

Side 1                           Side 2
--------------------             -----------------------
All My Trials                    Presence Of The Lord
Life's Ocean*                    Second Best Friend*
You*                             Not Alone*
Morning Light                    A Place Inside*#
Memory                           Love

Jim Evans - Guitar & Vocals      Mark Heard - Guitar, Vocals,
Terry Rogers - Guitar & Vocals      Harmonica & Bass
Grace Miller - Vocals            Mike DeCastro - Bass, Vocals,
Cathy Dunn - Vocals                 Organ & Piano
                                 Jimmy Moore - A Special Thanks!! Drums
                                 Doug Milheim - Engineer
Doug Milheim, Mark Heard and Jesus Christ in us all.

(my footnotes)
  * - songwriting credited to Mark
  # - back cover lyrics list this as I Know It's Real
Additional useless information: "Heard" is written on both sides of the inner ring on the record. The cover shot shows 5 people lounging together on the ground, one of whom is a young Mark.
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