This is a press release I picked up via THE LIGHTHOUSE electronic MAGAZINE.

Nashville, Tenn. -- The music of the late Christian music pioneer Mark Heard is becoming increasingly popular beyond the boundaries of the contemporary Christian music industry where he did most of his work. Through the efforts of admirers such as Columbia recording artist Bruce Cockburn, who claims Heard as his favorite songwriter, many in the world of mainstream rock and pop music have been introduced to Heard's music.

Recently, World Cafe, the daily two-hour music show which airs nationally on American Public Radio, featured the music of Mark Heard. The program, extremely popular with adults aged 20-45, featured Strong Hand of Love, the tribute to Mark Heard's music released this summer by Myrrh Records/Fingerprint Records. In addition to the music, the radio special included interviews with friends and admirers of Heard, such as Cockburn, Virgin recording artist Sam Phillips and Bill Mallonee from Capricorn recording artist Vigilantes of Love. Previous subjects of World Cafe radio specials have been such outstanding artists as Cockburn, Bonnie Raitt, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Indigo Girls, U2 and Counting Crows. World Cafe airs nationally on 80 radio stations.

Says Bruce Raines, producer of World Cafe, "I knew very little about Mark Heard before we did the special, and now I'm a committed fan. I just wish I could have known him while he was still with us."

Throughout the months of November and December, Christian radio stations across the country will be re-broadcasting the World Cafe radio special.

Strong Hand of Love is available in CD, cassette and video. Strong Hand of Love and High Noon, a collection of the best from Heard's own projects, are all available on Myrrh Records/Fingerprint Records.

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