Mark Heard on Sunday's Child

Mark had far more involvement that just helping with engineering.

TrackMark's Involvement
"Talk About Suffering"BGV
"I Always Do"guitars (not by himself, of course!), author
"Somebody Loves You"BGV
"This Could be the Moment"BGV
"Everything is Alright"keyboards, BGV, author

This is a great album, BTW. Stonehill co-authored several of the songs. I thought "Big Eraser" was Mark's, for sure. Rick Cua is on bass everywhere, Steve Taylor (hand claps 8^), Lynn Nichols, Deri Daugherty &Russ Taff all show up. Keaggy not only shares guitar chores on this album, but James Hollihan (who???) does one of the solos on "This Could be the Moment"!

The engineering/production approach is also interesting (and the liner notes on this are great).

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