Victims of Our Age

in fond memory of Mark, who never got to live to my ripe old age...
Childrens' eyes light up
At our chairs with rubber wheels
Little kids know how a ride would feel
Nurse grabs the chair, says "gotcha!"
Heart says, "No, no no
Can't stay in old folks home, let go!"

Caught between these vices,
Twixt Classic Rock and Rage,
Can't seem to find good music
We're the victims of our age

Nurses say, "we love you"
Yeah, so does Medicaire
But noone really seems to care
Relatives say nothing
They're afraid we'll use our canes
That since they have no heart we'll bash their brains

Caught between these voices
Between Beatles and John Cage
We've worn out all our vinyl
We're just victims of our age

9 Nov 1997

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