If I Had a Pocket Lawnchair

For Mark Heard & Bruce Cockburn

The OOGling Anthem

by Miles O'Neal

This is all the fault of Gregory Simmons & Kyle Cheek from the notorious ``Orphans of God'' mailing list...

here comes the riding mower -- second time today
all the fescue seed scatters - it'll never go away
why we don't just concrete over it, only God can say
if i had a pocket lawnchair...i'd wait for the bus all day

i don't believe in regulated networks, or care about commerce interstate
i don't believe in telcos and their exhorbitant data line rates
and when i talk with the survivors of things too sickening to relate
if i had a pocket lawnchair...i'd leave them to their fate

in the AOL chatrooms one hundred thousand wait
to fall from speed starvation -- or some less humane fate.
cry for busy modems, with all trunks busy, wait
if i had a pocket lawnchair...i would just stagnate

i want to meet Victoria -- at least i've got to try.
I haven't met Bob or JenMuse, it brings tears to my eye.
or Mark or Ti or gingerine, and I can't afford to fly
without a pocket lawnchair...I'll just curl up and die
19 Aug 1996
Miles O'Neal
If you're wondering why the ``Orphans of God'', a mailing list revolving aroundMark heard has, as its anthem, a parody of a song by another artist, you didn't know Mark very well. Never the less, you're invited to drop by the ``Orphans of God'' and hang out with us OOGerheads.

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