Mark Heard Supplemental Discography (Roll Away the Stone)

TITLE: Larry Norman: Roll Away the Stone (And Listen to the Rock)
RELEASED: 1980, on Phydeaux Records
ALBUM NOTES: "This album commemorates the wild and wooly tour of LARRY NORMAN and his band across America and Canada. Featuring MARK HEARD on rythn guitar when he wasn't doing concerts of his own... JON LINN on lead guitar... TOM HOWARD on pianoo... ALEX MACDOUGALL on drums... and DAVE COY on bass. Sometimes RANDY STONEHILL joined the tour to play guitar and sing and sometimes BILLY BATSTONE (SHAZAM) played bass when Dave wasn't available.

This album contains ten songs from a three hour concert. It is reproduced exactly as the audience heard it, with no studio overdubs, no stereo enhancement, noise gates, etc. It is raw, real, and electronically unretouched."

Thanks to Doug Ehrlich for this information.
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